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While growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Bob started drawing at the age of 5 and continued to pursue the curriculum of Art throughout high school and college. While in high school he attended classes and retreats at the Art Institute of Chicago and then majored in Art at the University of Illinois.


After graduation from Illinois he went straight to New York City where he began a 35 year career as a Creative Director in the advertising business.


When he left the Ad Business, after three decades, he returned to his first love…drawing and painting. To make up for lost time he studied voraciously wherever he could find availability… at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Art in New York City and at the  Silvermine Art Center and the Washington Art Association in Connecticut. While at Silvermine, he credits David Dunlop and Kiril Doran as being extremely influential and encouraging as he returned to his Art roots. While at Silvermine, he also became Co-Chairman of the Board and head of the Executive Committee.


In addition to galleries in NYC, Bob has shown his work at the Morrision Gallery in Kent, CT. In 2003 he convinced Billy Morrison, who had a frame shop at the time, to open the Nutmeg Gallery which became the Morrision Gallery and Bob has been with him ever since.

Bob also teaches Landscape Painting at the Washington Art Association.


Of his work he says, “having resisted the Abstraction Expressionist Movement, the Pop Art movement and today’s Avant-garde experiments, I have remained a traditional, representational painter, with a style of my own. My goal is to exude as much enjoyment and pleasure to my viewers and clients, as I have had painting the pictures they see. I love to paint!

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